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Books that Change your Mindset

“I do not know how to do it.”, “It is too hard for me.”, “I am quitting”.

The Visually Impaired

Free of inequality? Maybe it is getting better for the visually impaired children.

God’s Will on Earth? How Religious Faith is Contributing to the Political Agenda of USA’s Hardline Conservatives

On 19 May 2021, Texas’ Republican Governor (Gov.) Greg Abbott signed the Texas Heartb(...)

The Winter Olympics: how it Can Make or Break an Athlete

Zhu Yi and Eileen Gu: two American-born Chinese teenage girls from California competi(...)

The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis Ever: How Should Foreign Aid Help Afghanistan?

On February 29th 2020, President Donald Trump made a deal with the Taliban to remove (...)

CoP26 and Climate Change

CoP26 is the most recent annual United Nations climate change conference from October(...)

The World Waste Crisis & the Situation in Hong Kong

The Global Situation

Education and the Wealth Gap in Hong Kong

We often hear about the educational disparities prevalent in other countries - perhap(...)

Income Inequality - Exploring Government Policy

Abhay Venkitaraman: To reduce income inequality, revive the unions

Student Mental Health, Academic Stress and Good Ways to Avoid Burnout

Tiffany Fu

Into the World of Self-help

As millennials become increasingly obsessed with self-help culture, the underlying fa(...)

A Closer Look: The Inextricable Link Between Climate Change and Poverty

The biggest refugee crisis in history is looming on the horizon, but its victims are (...)

What is Happening in Poland – the Struggles of the LGBTQ+ Community

Even though most of the countries are becoming more and more progressive in allowing (...)

Sexism and Pop Music - The Evolution of Sexism and Feminism in Hong Kong’s Music Industry

"Have you listened to Serrini's new work yet?" "I love how Jeremy Lau's music revolve(...)

It’s Time to Smash the Stigma Surrounding Welfare Recipients

Erroll Graham was a 57-year old grandfather living in the UK. As someone who was suff(...)