God’s Will on Earth? How Religious Faith is Contributing to the Political Agenda of USA’s Hardline Conservatives

On 19 May 2021, Texas’ Republican Governor (Gov.) Greg Abbott signed the Texas Heartb(...)

The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis Ever: How Should Foreign Aid Help Afghanistan?

On February 29th 2020, President Donald Trump made a deal with the Taliban to remove (...)

Income Inequality - Exploring Government Policy

Abhay Venkitaraman: To reduce income inequality, revive the unions

It’s Time to Smash the Stigma Surrounding Welfare Recipients

Erroll Graham was a 57-year old grandfather living in the UK. As someone who was suff(...)

How the Socialism-Capitalism Dichotomy is Flawed

Socialism versus capitalism: one of the most hotly debated political topics of the 21(...)

India: the Emerging Superpower's Past, Present and Future

Before the industrial revolution, the geopolitical centers of the world lay in the su(...)

The Flaws of American Democracy: Voter Suppression, Gerrymandering and Political Polarization

The COVID-19 Pandemic has exasperated voter suppression in the US, unravelling the fl(...)

Political Icons in the United States

At Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration on January 20th, 2020, a photo of Democrat S(...)

Russian Protests; the End of Putin?

‘Everyone says corruption is everywhere, but for me it seems strange to say that and (...)

History and Future of Atomic Weapons

“I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
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